Guidelines & policies

In order to achieve our vision, to become the Nordic region's leading group of specialist companies in digitization, we need to have well-defined thoughts and guidelines to start from both internally and externally. Guidelines and rules to maintain a positive and healthy work environment and to ensure that we act responsibly and ethically in our operations. To achieve this, we have adopted a series of internal regulations and policy documents which, together with external regulations, establish the framework for our operations.

Code of conduct

Our vision is to become the Nordic region's leading group of knowledge enterprises in the digitalization domain. As a step to enable this, the CX Code of Conduct, a summary of the board's adopted policy manual found within CombinedX, has been produced. It is our promise to ourselves, our customers, partners and the market.

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Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us at CombinedX. The purpose of the information in this policy is for you to know and feel safe about how we handle your personal data.

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It is important to us that our company culture is open, safe and trusting. For us, it is important that violations of rules and unethical behavior come to light - and are dealt with correctly. CombinedX and our subsidiaries must not only follow rules, but also be characterized by strong values and high ethical standards.

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Cookie policy

We want our website to work well for you. To do this, we use cookies for, among other things, statistics so that we can learn more about how to develop our website in the best way possible.

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