Can you be the best at everything?

Well, it's rare, which is why we have organized ourselves a little differently.

The picture above is of the nine technicians who formed the consulting company Ninetech in Karlstad in 1993. Over the years, Ninetech has grown as a result of several acquisitions and the development of new service areas. As time passed, Ninetech began to find it difficult to reach the market and be able to offer the full scope of what the company could offer – what were we really best at? And as the IT market matured, it was cutting-edge expertise that customers began to demand.

In 2016, therefore, the owners decided that Ninetech should be transformed into a group that consisted of several specialist companies, each one with market-leading niche technologies and business know-how. The new group is named Combined Excellence and since then a number of other specialist companies have become part of us.

Now in 2021, we are shortening our name to CombinedX and at the same time we are making it easier for our customers to take advantage of all the expertise that exists within our family – together we are digitalizing Sweden!


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