Is it possible to be number one in everything?

Well, it’s rare and why we’re organized differently.

Above you see the photo of the nine technicians whom in 1993 initially formed and founded Ninetech in Karlstad, Sweden. As a result of several acquisitions and development of new service areas, Ninetech grew over the years.

As the market matured cutting-edge expertise was requested. It was a difficult task to determine only one specialty when the level of expertise was high in multiple niches. So instead of Ninetech offering the full scope the owners in 2016 decided to transform the company into several specialist companies, each making use of market leading technology and have the business knowhow within their niche. At the same time, they founded Combined Excellence to keep the specialist companies together. Since then, a number of other specialist companies have become a part of the group.

In 2021 we are shortend our name to CombinedX but we stay true to our goal and our why -we are digitalizing Sweden.


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