Code of conduct

The CX Code of Conduct is a summary of the policy manual adopted by the board that exists within CombinedX and is our promise to ourselves, our customers, partners and the market. All employees within CombinedX and its companies must undergo training in our policies.

CombinedX's vision is to become the Nordic region's leading group of specialist companies in digitization. To make this possible, we must, among other things:

  • Offer security, development and fair conditions to our employees
  • Always fulfill our customer promises
  • Provide an environment where senior executives can develop themselves, their staff and their company
  • Be good citizens, follow laws and take responsibility for our shared resources
  • Create long-term value growth for our owners
  • Have long-term and sustainable relationships with suppliers who share our values
  • Climate & environmental policy – cooperation for a better climate
  • We are not content with reducing our own climate impact, we also want to help our customers reduce theirs

Personal data policy/GDPR - privacy and respect

As digitization consultants, both data and people are central to our business and must be treated with the utmost respect. We warmly welcome the GDPR and have clear rules regarding the handling of personal data.

Information and insider policy – correct and fair information sharing

The right information at the right time and to the right people is central to providing fair opportunities for trading our shares. We follow the stock exchange's guidelines and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.

IT and information security policy - desirable data is safe with us

Digitization and data are our DNA. We know that the data we handle can be desirable and have high demands on systems, environments and processes to protect it.

Diversity and equality policy - multiple perspectives make us better together

Ensuring that every person is given the opportunity to reach their full potential is central to our delivery and our continued growth. We know that diversity and inclusion are central to the high quality of our deliveries and strive at every step to achieve it. Violations and harassment are seen as a direct threat to our business and are dealt with very seriously.

Policy against corruption and bribery – honesty and competence

We trust that competence speaks for itself and strongly distance ourselves from other means of influencing us as decision makers.

Other ethical guidelines – UN principles

We work to ensure that the UN's principles regarding human rights and requirements that we take for granted through Swedish legislation are also passed on to our subcontractors.

Whistleblowing – when the worst happens

To ensure that we stick to our principles, it is of the utmost importance that we all help each other and that there are safe ways to speak up if something improper has happened.


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