A better place for all of us

The great challenge of humanity is to stop over utilizing our planet resources. We believe that digitalization is a part of the solution. Our ambition is to help our customers take advantage of the opportunities digitalization provides. This by making their sales, production and administration more efficient throughout the entire process. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save resources.

We call this positive impact on the environment and climate our Handprint. However, we do not know how big our handprint is or neither how to measure it in a credible way. What we can and will do is to highlight our customers who with our guidance are contributing to the progress of reaching UN’s climate goals for the Agenda 2030.   


As for our Footprint -the resources we consume and the climate emissions we produce ourselves. Our ambition is to include them in our first sustainability report in spring 2022. In which we also will include our goals to reduce climate emissions and our sustainability work in a broader sense.   


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